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Kitchen Travel: Kaiserschmarrn

As we are entering the third calendar month of staying home during the pandemic, I have been reminded of some German terms that perfectly describe how many of us are feeling. We are all familiar with the term Wanderlust, the desire to travel and explore, but do you know Fernweh (like homesickness, but for faraway places) or Tapetenwechsel (literally 'change of wallpaper,' or needing a change of scenery)? These terms seem to fit my mood: I even miss standing in line at the airport.

Since we can't travel right now and are relying more on our home cooking skills these days, I thought I would share a favorite dessert recipe of mine. Kaiserschmarrn is a sort of pancake popular in Alpine and central European countries. The ingredients are so simple, you probably have them on hand at home right now. Though it's technically a dessert, at my house we like to serve Kaiserschmarrn in place of dinner. Kids love it, and for the over-21s, it pairs nicely with Riesling.

Click on the photo below to receive your free copy of my easy Kaiserschmarrn recipe. Guten Appetit!

I also created a video cooking demo - you can check it out here.

Photo credits: cover photo of path in Alps by Patrick Baum on Unsplash; photo of Christina copyright 2020 Christina Schlegel, all rights reserved.

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