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Our Stance on Travel Right Now

This letter was sent to our newsletter subscribers on 19 March, 2020. I am leaving the article here to remember these early days of the pandemic.

What a difference a couple of weeks have made in our world. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. Here at my house, I’ve now got my husband and both kids home with me 24/7. In a span of days, our world shrank to the confines of our house, while simultaneously reminding us how deeply interconnected we are with the wider world. Thank goodness for Netflix and popcorn for the moments of downtime!

Travel agent in Arlington Virginia
We could all use a glass of wine right about now.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been a dynamic time here at Bluetail. The past ten days especially, my email inbox became a ticker tape of never-ending notifications. One thing is sure: I am here for you and each of my clients every step of the way. It has been my pleasure to take care of my clients during this time, helping to navigate postponement or cancellation options for travelers with originally scheduled March and April trips, taking care of the details to make things as hassle-free as possible.

In times like these, I feel it is also important to take a stance. As someone who loves to travel and loves the world, I believe the right thing to do right now is to forego non-essential travel. It is up to each of us to flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread and mortality. To love the world right now is to not travel. We are in this together with our fellow humans: the virus possesses no nationality or ethnic background, nor does it recognize borders. 

Let us embrace the fact that the world is fragile and interconnected. Let us support one another by staying at home. Let us stay inspired, dreaming about the future and our beautiful world. Let us make the world better through our actions. 

When you are ready, I am here for you to make those future travel dreams come true, and we’ll make those plans smartly, calmly, and with love for the world we all share. 

Be well, and Happy Future Travels,


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