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A view of Budapest, Hungary, as seen during a European river cruise on the Danube River. Luxury cruise travel agent in Arlington Virginia.

Why work with a travel advisor?


What Happens When You Entrust Your Travel


Luxury cruise traveler holding a passport. Luxury cruise travel agent in Arlington Virginia.


Are you the unofficial travel planner in your family or group of friends?

Do you spend 40+ hours planning a seven day vacation?


Perhaps you end up with dozens of tabs open on your computer, sifting through the millions of options the internet threw at you.

As your search continues, you may notice the algorithms working against you as the prices seem to go up as the availability goes down. Not to mention pop-up ads or call center-driven online agencies that pressure you to "book now."


And then there are the tens of thousands of reviews from people who may or may not value the same things you do.

It doesn't have to be this way.


You're not a professional travel planner.

Entrust the planning details to me, then sit back and relax.


Having your own professional and certified travel advisor is like having a private concierge for all things travel: qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, connected, and always working to make your next voyage the best one you've ever had.


My professional travel services are centered around ocean and river cruises, and my service to you can cover a wide variety of travel aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Luxury ocean cruises

  • Luxury river cruises 

  • Luxury expedition cruises

  • Grand voyages

  • World voyages

  • Access to Virtuoso Voyages benefits and amenities

  • Access to Virtuoso hotel benefits and amenities

  • Pre- or post-cruise luxury or boutique hotels

  • Pre- or post-cruise land touring

  • Transfers

  • Travel insurance

  • Day tours and shore excursions

  • Unique cultural experiences

Travel items needed for a luxury cruise, including a hat, a mobile tablet, sunglasses, and a folder containing travel documents. Luxury cruise travel agent in Arlington Virginia.
Cup of coffee with book on sofa in a beautiful garden, the perfect setting for thinking about future travel plans. Luxury cruise travel agent in Arlington Virginia.


Think of me as your savvy cruise travel insider, much like a sharp mortgage professional who navigates a complex milestone, but with a flair for creating unforgettable cruise journeys.

Bluetail Travel is not just about bookings, it's your gateway to the latest and greatest in luxury cruise travel. Always ahead of the curve and leveraging my industry connections, I'm here to craft your next voyage so it is nothing short of spectacular.

Ever dreamt of a journey tailored just for you, balancing both budget and style? You're in the right hands. I'm passionate about putting together ocean and river cruise journeys that are a perfect fit for you.

And here's the best part: from the dreamy start to your return home, I'm with you every step of the way, ensuring each moment is filled with delight and unforgettable memories.


With planning taken care of, you can relax and immerse yourself in the experience.


Cheers to new adventures!


My clients often receive additional amenities and benefits from my cruise and travel partners, but the real value lies in the superior travel experience you will have from start to finish. Whether you already know exactly the cruise you want or are just starting out...

  • You won't lose tens or hundreds of hours each trip staring at a screen with dozens of tabs open.

  • You won't go around in researching circles so many times that you miss the best cruise opportunities.

  • Most likely you are taking a vacation to disconnect and unwind: you'll no longer start that off with months of stressful planning.

  • You'll never wonder which experiences or opportunities you didn't know about that you might have missed.

  • You won't waste money.

  • You won't waste time.

  • Your entire experience will be professionally planned and managed.

Close up with female handwriting writing new business ideas, strategy planning in work not
Close up frustrated hands crumpling a paper ball next to a laptop computer.


  • Wading through confusing cruise promotions, unsure you're getting the best value and experience

  • Struggling to find cruise options in limited supply and missing out on the best opportunities

  • Subpar hotel rooms that don't match the brochure-like images

  • Travel insurance that doesn't actually work when you need it

  • Waiting on hold to talk to cruise lines, hotels, and tour companies when you have a question or need help

  • Dealing with call centers

  • Unexpected issues you are left to solve on your own

  • Wasted time trying to get from A to B

  • Under-planning

  • Over-planning

  • Poor document preparation

  • Finding out activities and sites are closed or limited when you arrive

Cup of coffee in foreground of a beautiful view of the Italian coast, as seen during a luxury ocean cruise. Luxury cruise travel agent in Arlington Virginia.

You deserve luxury cruise travel that is seamless
from the day you begin planning to the day you come back home.

Go from "just some ideas" to a clear travel plan and professionally booked reservations.

Transform your travel planning mode from stressed to at-ease.

Upgrade from being just another traveler to VIP status,

enjoying personalized attention and complimentary exclusive perks.

Let me help you escape routine so you can explore the world in style,

experiencing culturally rich destinations, luxurious ships,

and inspiring itineraries for memories of a lifetime.

It is easy to get started: simply click the button below to be taken my contact page.


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