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It’s Time to Rediscover

the World, Together


A Perfectly Planned Cruise

Journey, Tailored to You


...Savoring delicious French cheeses and a hearty glass of after-dinner Calvados on the deck of your intimate European river ship, looking forward to tomorrow’s active exploration of the Normandy landing beaches…

Bluetail Travel - best river cruise travel agent
Bluetail Travel - small ship cruise specialists

...Gliding together through a sparkling lagoon alongside playful rays, just a short swim away from a picnic of pineapples and freshly caught fish that awaits on your ship’s private sun-drenched Tahitian islet…

Bluetail Travel - small ship cruise specialist

...Exploring inspiring destinations together, with all the details expertly taken care of so you can relax, reconnect, and focus on enjoying your latest adventure to the fullest.


At Bluetail Travel, we plan unforgettable journeys centered around distinctive ocean and river voyages for couples, families, and groups seeking destination-focused, culturally enriching travel. 


We match you to your ideal luxury ocean or river cruise, then craft your personalized itinerary around your sailing. The best part? The peace of mind that comes from knowing your trip has been expertly planned for a stress-free travel experience that checks off all your must-haves.

Where do you want to explore next? Bluetail Travel - small ship cruise specialists
Ocean Cruises

Explore the world’s natural and cultural treasures when you set sail on an inspiring cruise adventure. Learn how we chart your course to dreamy ports of call and exceptional shipboard experiences:

River Cruises

Immerse yourself in history, culture, and stunning landscapes while navigating romantic waterways. Explore our approach to river cruise journeys where active exploration and standout service are always onboard:

Group Cruises

Read about our planned group sailings and special amenity cruise itineraries. Also learn how we can create your own cruise group when you sail with your friends, military group, club, or family:

Bluetail Travel - Small Cruises

“Working with Christina was a phenomenal experience! .... Christina helped ensure that everything went smoothly during the entire trip and it was so comforting to know that had we encountered any problems, she would have solved them immediately! Our vacation was perfect down to the tiniest details and it was all thanks to Christina!” 

– Michelle Bodenstein

“Christina did a wonderful job of setting up our first ever cruise. She patiently answered our every question, anticipating them even before we had them. Super thoughtful, great attention to detail, and everything was done with sincere care to ensure that we had a great experience- and we did! We absolutely loved the cruise from start to finish.”
– Dan Rudakevych

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